Our Owners

Jen Staines & Jim Stoddard

Jim & Jen have spent most of their lives in the corporate world.  Jen has always had a passion for cooking & serving people, bartending & waitressing on nights and weekends in addition to her accounting job, always dreaming of someday having her own place.

Jim worked as a field service technician for 31 years, while always wanting to have a pizza shop of his own.

After meeting each other in early 2014 and together started dreaming about having their own place together.   In early 2016, they bought a small breakfast shop.  Jen left the corporate world and spent her days at “Lou Lou’s Café”.  Jim kept his full time job and spent all his free time at Lou Lou’s working with Jen.

Six months later, as opportunity to buy a pizza shop presented itself, so Jim took the leap and also left his full time job.  Later on, they decided they missed breakfast and did a search online for a breakfast/lunch shop on the south shore of MA.  Somehow fate intervened and Cabin Fever popped into that search.  They made an appointment to look at Cabin Fever.  They made the 3 ½ hour ride to Bartlett.  They fell in love with the restaurant, the Valley as well ad Dawn & Tom.  They went home and put their house & restaurant on the market.

The rest is history, in February of 2019 they left MA and moved to Bartlett.  Jim spent the next 3 months learning & cooking with Tom & had now mastered is new kitchen.

Serving fresh seafood, steak tips, chicken, burgers & pizza they are making their mark on the Valley.